Traveling is a great hobby of mine. I did what every 20 something year old dreams of doing: backpacking through Europe. A standard goal of mine is to go to at least one new country a year. However, I want to be able to say I have been to as many countries as I am of age. (I’ve got work to do)

Currently have been to: Norway, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, England, Canada, Puerto Rico, Jamaica.

Next up: Costa Rica & Panama, or Southeast Asia.

Food & Drink

What I love most about photographing Food is that there’s so many ways to go about it. Endless amount of angles. Plated or handheld? Backdrop or background? So many ingredients that you can choose which you want to focus on to give an essence of flavor or aroma.

Also, let’s be real. We all love food and there’s new dishes created every day. Even if you’re not hungry and you see a delicious slice of pizza… next thing you know you’re eating again!


In terms of lifestyle, I’m an avid fan of being outdoors and being active whether that’s rollerblading down the street or taking local yoga classes. When I’m not exercising myself, I like to watch others do so at sporting events. Let me tell ya, it’s not even just for the food and booze, I genuinely enjoy watching sports live! There’s something about the atmosphere that I love to capture. Getting that game winning buzzer beater is hard though. Lens in hand, you never know what will happen or what you’ll end up with.